Worlds first mining rig to be sent to the Stratosphere

MINER One, the company that mines crypto had launched a balloon equipped with crypto mining equipment to mine Bitcoin in the Stratosphere.

The company is currently in the middle of their ICO. However, this stunt has garnered them a lot of media attention, beneficial to their cause.

Miner One has plans to increase their market share after BTC was devalued from $20,000 to $9000.

CEO of Miner One says: “We are bullish on bitcoin because it remains the world’s most popular and proven application of blockchain technology. And we see growing interest and adoption, despite recent market doldrums. Space Miner One (SMO), a name for the new invention, reached a remarkable 35,000 meters (100,000+ ft) of altitude in the stratosphere, and is believed by members of the Miner One community to be a symbol that the price of bitcoin will reach 35,000 and more in 2018,”

The group have attached a parachute and filled the balloon with helium, they said it contains: “a Raspberry Pi 3 microcomputer, a battery and a satellite phone, all located inside the SMO carbon fiber capsule, along with a metal souvenir ‘bitcoin’ for a lucky winner of Miner One Sweepstakes.”

The travel up had taken about 2 hours: “Space Miner One passes through the troposphere; ASIC is activated and connected by a satellite transmitter to the Internet. When Space Miner One enters the stratosphere, the pressure of the falling air causes the balloon to expand from 2.2 to 10+ m in diameter, large enough to be seen from the ground.”

On its decent back to earth, “the Balloon was detonated, the parachute was deployed, and Space Miner One began its journey back to Earth.”

Space Miner One has become the first crypto mining equipment to reach the stratosphere.

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