Vitalik Buterin Teases Implementation of Sharding

EXCITING news from Vitalik Buterin today 30th April as he teases the release of the long awaited sharding. 

As of the writing of this article the code shared by Vitalik is for a proof of concept involving the use of four shards, live sharding is expected to contain 100. He then linked to a longer post on /r/ethereum whereby he elaborated on the initial tweet.

Vitalik Buterin said: “This is a proof of concept of (part of) a fork choice rule-based mechanism for how sharding can be bolted on top of the current ethereum main chain”

Sharding put simply enables a very large data base, in this case the ethereum blockchain to be partitioned or broken up in to smaller parts. This in-turn enables these smaller “shards” to be controlled much faster and easier than the larger main blockchain.

With sharding implemented on the ethereum blockchain individual patricians of the ethereum blockchain  will have their own independent transaction history. Specific nodes will process transactions on specific shards of block chain.

All this leads to a higher throughput of transactions, meaning the ethereum network will be able to scale to handle higher transactions per second. This problem has reared its head before with the advent of Cryptokitties.

Sharding marks an important goal in the progression in the etheruem project, exiting times ahead and they can’t come “soon” enough.

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