UNOPS Collaborates With IOTA For Better Performance

A recent announcement made by The United Nations Office for Project Services on the 22nd of May, 2018 reveals they were working with one of the popular blockchain platforms to explore the technology better to see ways in which the platform could help make operations much better and faster.

To confirm this, the UNOPS special adviser of blockchain technology-related matters, Yoshiyuki Yamamoto, said:

“We are working with the IOTA Foundation to identify the most appropriate use cases for the first [proof-of-concept], to help address some of the challenges that UN as a whole faces when working in the field. It’s very much a collaborative process.”

According to the statement, the arm of United Nations (U.N.) believes IOTA’s distributed ledger can provide a more efficient way to managing and tracking of documents, payment transactions, and lots more in real time.

Co-Founder David Sonstebo of the IOTA project in a statement also said:

“Shared global problems require shared global solutions. With our open-source, permission-less innovation approach, IOTA’s distributed ledger technology lends itself uniquely to this kind of cooperative problem-solving.”

Though no more information, in particular, has been released on this, Yamamoto reveals that the UN was also working with some technology companies in the quest of finding a better solution.

There has been no time frame in which work will eventually commence, but the two parties are currently in collaboration with finding that solution point. UN has made it clear they aren’t just going to implement technology for nothing; if it’s not going to bring any value, then they were going to keep finding what works as they have limited resources and personnel.

At the end of this period for both parties, the UN hopes to have come up with a platform that will bring efficiency to operations and improve specific areas in the organization as a whole.

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