The man who predicted the 2008 crisis also known as Dr Doom just called Bitcoin “Bullsh*t”

NOURIEL Roubini is the economist who had predicted the 2008 market collapse and has now came out and said: “Bitcoin is Bullsh*t”.

The professor teaches at New York University’s STERN school of business and was attending a cryptocurrencies panel at the Milken Institute Global Conference when he said: ““All this talk of decentralization is just bullsh*t”.

Alex Mashinsky, a blockchain entrepreneur shot back at Roubini stating: “Everything you just said is irrelevant,” which then was followed by Bill Barhydt who worked with the CIA on Cryptography.

Mashinksy later added that crypto assets will let people bypass banks.

To which, of course Roubini hit back with: “You’re just making stuff up.”

Roubini will be soon taking on Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin and founder of ConsenSys in what Fluidity Summit call “the debate of the century.” May 10

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