Roger Ver Doesn’t Have Good Things To Say About Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash Will Have Way Better Privacy!

Roger Ver also known as ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ or ‘Bitcoin Judas’ depending on who you ask has announced earlier today that Bcash (BCH) will be implementing privacy surpassing Bitcoin.

When asked how these will be implemented Roger stated “using coinjoin techniques to shuffle peoples coins around while also implementing blockchain techniques with coin analytics to track what people are doing,” these techniques were used by Bitcoin but when BTC had it’s big rally fees became expensive, and these techniques became too expensive and were dropped.However, Roger boasts that Bcash is more like Bitcoin’s original whitepaper and has much cheaper fees where these techniques using coinjoin can become feasible again if people are looking for more privacy.

He claimed that “Bitcoin was first a currency used for commerce and darknet and through government manipulation was put to the test in 2017 and failed to scale due to high fees which is where Bitcoin Cash comes in.” and also added that Bitcoin Cash is a much more pleasant experience than Bitcoin because you can send SMS.
Roger took over the official Bitcoin twitter page to promote Bitcoin Cash so that it is more easily adopted by the masses.
He has a great following which is also matched by what you might describe as an angry mob who follow his live tweets and news streams.
“I was annoyed he was calling it BCASH because it’s called Bitcoin Cash”
Previously, the trolling in the chat got the better of him, and he went a little too far on a google live stream but later apologised for his actions

“In time you can call Bitcoin Cash all sorts of names, but it doesn’t change the fact that as money it is better than BTC.”

Many questions arose such as what he thinks will happen with the new Bitcoin ETF.  He believes it will happen the same for ETH, BCH and “a bunch of other cryptos” but then slipped a couple of comments about Ripple (XRP) and mentioned he is one of the first people to seed money into the project, 

“If Ripple becomes mainstream, it’s still better than the banking system today regarding fees and processing time, but not that much better.”

“It’s even arguably if Ripple is a cryptocurrency because they can freeze your account.”

It is clear that Roger Ver doesn’t have Bitcoin’s best interest at heart but don’t let his previous ten-month prison sentence sway your opinion, what do you think?  Is BCH the future King of Crypto?

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