Reel Cash – Flipping Hollywood Economics

Reel Cash Is The Netflix-MoviePass Mashup That Flips The Script On Hollywood Economics.

Reel Cash aims to turn the entertainment industry on its head and start paying audiences for what they watch online.

With over 300 films worth of experience in the industry, a team of eight technologists and four industry veterans have come together to solve the industry’s toughest challenges.

This solution comes in the form of an asset-based digital currency called Reel Cash

“Judge Leon’s decision in favor of the ATT (NYSE: T) – Time Warner (NYSE: TWX) merger was due in large part to the valuable asset that streaming studios like Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) have, and the Majors don’t,” said Reel Cash’s co-founder Jeff Carr.

“It’s the same asset that Helios and Matheson Analytics MoviePass (NASDAQ: HMNY) believes will save their company – viewer data.” Reel Cash’s innovation will give the world’s estimated 400 million streaming services (SVOD) subscribers a way to monetize their own anonymized viewer data for REEL tokens or hard currency; something that up till now they’ve been forced to give away for free to Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and every other SVOD service.

The income stream in REEL tokens between the world’s content viewers and content creators will kick-start a series of innovations that could solve serious pain points for each part of the entertainment ecosystem starting with filmmakers according to entertainment attorney Bianca Goodloe, one of Reel Cash’s founding partners.

“The benefit for filmmakers financing their productions through Reel Cash, as a one-stop-shop”, according to Goodloe who has been legal advisor to over 150 films, “is that they would avoid having to cannibalize individual distribution rights and territories of their productions through heavily discounted pre-sales, and thus avoiding costly multi-party financing fees and related transactional and legal costs, in order to finance their films.

Moreover, by Reel Cash being the production’s financier and distributor, the interests of the filmmaker, net profit participants, and Reel Cash are aligned, in the best interest of the content.”

Theater chains are being squeezed between stagnating attendance numbers and paying higher kickbacks to the studios on opening week ticket sales (up to 90% goes back to the distributor).

Reel Cash-funded films would flip that model on its head and allow theaters to keep 100% of their ticket sales in exchange for promotion and marketing support.

Asian filmmakers and actors in Japan, South Korea, India, Taiwan, and China would have the ability to more easily collaborate on financing, casting, and production with their European, African, South American, and North American counterparts.

Joel Lambert, another of Reel Cash’s founders and the star of Discovery Channel’s Manhunt, has done a lot of work in Europe and Asia. “My friends in China and Eastern Europe love this concept because of the almost insurmountable challenges they face in getting onboard productions in the West,” said Lambert, a former U.S. Navy SEAL.

All of the above innovations, plus many more, are driven by a single Reel Cash innovation – giving companies a way to pay viewers for the data on what they’re watching.

Other founders and advisors with the company include prolific movie producer John Baldecchi, action designer and director Mike Smith, producer and technologist Alexander Ferguson, and J. Allen Dove, the CTO of SpotX.

Reel Holdings, LLC is a privately owned Wyoming-registered technology and media company since February 2018.

It has developed and tested a patent-pending consumer token (Reel Cash) and Chrome browser extension for use by moviegoers and moviemakers around the world. Complete information is available at the company website

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