Polish central bank secretly funds anti-crypto videos

THE Bank of Poland has admitted to funding anti-cryptocurrency campaigns. 

The Central Bank of Poland has admitted to funding campaigns that dis-credit cryptocurrencies through social media and have even used Polish Youtuber – Marcin Dubiel.

The attack on Cryptocurrency was done in partnership with Polish Youtube network Camellon, Google Ireland Limited and Facebook Ireland Limited.

The amount that The Polish Central Bank (PCB) had spent on these campaigns was around 27,000 USD for the anti-crypto content.

Money.pl had reported that the PCB also published this content on Planet of Facts Youtube channel which has over 1.5 million subscribers.

Poland seems to have less of a forward approach with crypto as other countries, However, after Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro announced the launch of a national cryptocurrency, the petro, it has been reported Poland is willing to trade food and medicine for the new petro currency.


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