Platform Review: Deep Dive Into Bitcoin Live

Today we will be bringing you a sponsored deep dive into Bitcoin Live, an educational crypto investment platform.

Bitcoin Live

This article will be split into two perspectives; the first Drew’s will be from a novices point of view.

The second (Conor’s) will give a more detailed analysis of the content and mentorship available on the platform.

To get started, the one thing crypto enthusiasts know is that the team behind the project is the defining factor. They feature an all-star roster of crypto traders, the likes of which you can’t get access to on one platform anywhere else.

Peter Brandt (@peterlbrandt / 207k followers) is the leader of these experts.
World-renowned veteran trader of classical charting principles for over four decades and author of #1 selling Amazon trading book, Diary of a Professional Commodity Trader. Dedicated to helping others in the world of market speculation.

Other analysts providing insights on Bitcoin Live:

Haejin Lee (@haejin_crypto / 75k followers):
Haejin’s passion is the study of sentiment to price interactions. He started with technical analysis in 1997 with the famous book by Edwards & Magee.

Later he began to combine the Elliot wave principle into his analysis. He’s learned lessons from markets since the Dot Com Bubble and applies this to a process of self-discipline, risk management, and emotional maturity.

Big Cheds Trading (@bigcheds / 63k followers):
An accomplished trader and educator of 10+ years dedicated to helping new traders avoid the early mistakes many can make when starting out.

Big Cheds teaches a trading style focused on candlestick reading. He also keeps a keen eye on trader psychology and the emotional/mental discipline it takes to succeed in this space.

Dean, C The Light Trading (@canuck2usa / 47k followers):
25+ year accomplished trading veteran in the futures, stocks, and options worlds. Trading cryptocurrency and Bitcoin since 2015. Provides a wealth of informative trading knowledge to share with new, aspiring, and experienced traders.

Bob Loukas (@bobloukas / 6k followers):
Bob is an intermediate time-frame swing trader of 25 years, recognized as an expert on market cycles. He’s a risk management fanatic and educator. Bob is a Bitcoin maximalist and passionate entrepreneur.

Drew’s Novice Perspective

I have personally been invested in cryptocurrencies for a few years now and dabbled with the idea of trading them in an attempt to increase my stacks. However, as with many newbies, I have struggled with where to start and who to trust?

Initially, I pursued Youtube videos in an attempt to gain insight into the topic. However, they only ever covered the tip of the iceberg in the space of 10-minute clips. To sum up, my sentiment towards the whole subject will invoke the post, “I AM HODLING.”

Which brings me onto the Bitcoin Live platform. It is a mentorship channel which puts you in contact with experts sharing 100 years+ of combined experience in trading.

By listening to these analysts/traders, you can profit even in bear markets and enhance what you could have gained in bull markets. The active trading techniques they’ll pass along to you via the platform will allow you to achieve greater success as opposed to simply HODLING.

The platform extends to much more than just mentorship. In my opinion, the most valuable aspect of the platform comes from the community engagement.

Each post made by the experts is followed by a lively comments section where many of your questions can be answered by both the expert traders and the community.

This is not your typical comments section. Each user is looking to build upon their knowledge and experience creating a more cohesive and positive community.

Unlike other platforms for trading discussion, there is little vitriol, hate or malice. Users are not encouraged to be petty towards their counterparts, but instead to offer what they can to a productive conversation.

The gem of this platform is that the community has a shared goal: to better each other as crypto investors.

For those of you just getting into trading, the site has countless introductory pieces of content to start with before even diving into the daily alerts and analysis from their experts.

For the basics, “Big Cheds” introduction pieces detail the process of scaling in and out of entries and exits, as well as the use of stop losses and spotting candle conformations.

For some this might be straightforward stuff; however, all the terms and methods described in these introductory articles were entirely new for me.

One of the most valuable pieces I read while using the platform came from Bob Loukas titled “The Reality Of Investing & Trading.” He cuts away all the glamour and fluff often associated with trading, leaving a list of lessons and realities that newbies to this space will all have to learn the hard way.

His focus on discipline and self-control is something I had never thought would be so key to successful trading. In retrospect, I find myself getting caught in the flurry of excitement during rallies in price.

Another vital fact he drives home is that 40 to 50 percent of trades will be losers and that is not necessarily a bad thing, but what is essential is that you followed your plan diligently.

Overall, the platform gave me an excellent introduction to trading and has given me a greater sense of confidence to execute my first trades.

Conor’s Experienced Analysis

The Bitcoin Live platform struck me as quite the streamlined and well-planned website.

It has a long list of detailed and in-depth analysis articles, both technical analysis and research, with a mixture of personal experience from the team of professional traders.

You have access to exclusive chat rooms, reports, alerts, and webinars created by the team. This also gives you a chance to meet other traders that help each other out. This is a huge advantage to any cryptocurrency trader.

There are three membership options to unlock this platform: yearly, quarterly, or monthly. If you want to save a lot of money and lock in a discount, sign up for the annual at $995.

The yearly feels as though I’m robbing them. You can also try the platform out for a month for $125, with no further commitment. Your money goes further on Bitcoin Live than it will on any other platform.

The lessons the articles teach you, some people spend years trying to learn and can be far more complicated than many people imagine. The team explains it in a way that can be taught to anyone, regardless of experience.

More tips include information about tax and the nitty-gritty details of investing in crypto that you really should know. Instead of doing your research for months or even years, they cover topics on the platform in an informative yet easy to read tone.

Another benefit would be the in-depth lessons on technical analysis and the use of essential indicators. The team uses these on almost every chart they interact with, allowing you to see the critical tools that other traders are using.

The articles written by these experts are an in-depth look at the mindset and strategies used by each coach. This can help with a mental strategy or just your overall trading plan.

As I was doing research and reading up on other reviews of Bitcoin Live, I came across an article by Bitcoin Exchange which states:

“The company also works with the promotion of Bitcoin and gives 1% of all the sales to the community choice of most impactful developers. This way, the community is active and can make a difference in this market.”

This is an excellent example of believing in the Crypto community, and other projects should follow suit.

The only hesitation I can imagine you having with the membership is the price. However, you must realize the beauty of this company. A yearly membership for one top crypto trader can cost 1000’s of dollars.

Bitcoin Live packages six experts (and counting) into a single hub for a bargain. This is undoubtedly one of the best steps forward in your education for learning dynamic crypto investing.

If you aren’t interested in bettering yourself as an astute trader at this time, Bitcoin Live is not for you. For those ready, Cryptograph endorses this platform as the best on the market to accelerate the results you’re looking for.

Bitcoin Live is the top choice for those interested in acquiring knowledge that will last you a lifetime, along with the success to go with it.

Check out Bitcoin Live here if you want to unlock your potential in crypto trading:

Bitcoin Live


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