Microsoft Azure Blockchain Workbench Introduces Millions of New Blockchain Applications

At Microsoft’s recent Build Keynote 2018, the company had announced the release of Azure Blockchain Workbench. The software will allow blockchain developers an opportunity to create a blockchain application in just a few days, as compared to before which would take developers months to develop applications and headaches along with it.

The software accomplishes this goal by the addition of a new strategy of using pre-developed templates that enable developers to reduce the time in which applications are built by automating any infrastructure setup processes. This allows developers to focus on other tasks such as validating use-cases and providing application logic.

The software allows developers to use Azure Resource Manager templates to form a foundation for their application design. With the Workbench users can accomplish the following:

  • Associate blockchain identities with federated identity systems through Azure Active Directory for single sign-on, and for simplified consortium identity management.
  • Store secrets and keys securely with Azure Key Vault.
  • Ingest and manage the events required to trigger smart contracts using Service Bus and Event Grid.
  • Use the included signing, hashing and routing tools to transform messages into the format expected by the blockchain’s native API.
  • Synchronize on-chain data with off-chain storage and databases to more easily generate business insights from ledger data.
  • Easily integrate blockchain workflows with existing systems and applications using tools like Logic Apps.
  • Extend capabilities with a REST-based API for client development and a message-based API for system-to-system integration.

Not only does the Workbench software reduce development time it also helps bring down the cost to develop a blockchain application by improving the time constraints it takes for companies to form their own applications.

Microsoft Build Keynote 2018 is still going live this week and we recommend you continue watching over on their live streams. Microsoft will also be participating in next week’s NY Blockchain Event.

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