IRAN rumors of banning telegram completely

SENIOR members of Iran’s government are reportedly debating a ban of Telegram’s messaging app.

Telegram is the main messaging service in Iran, the government fear that it is also a threat to national security with it being suspected as helping organised the 2017 Iranian protests.

Telegram has already raised a record breaking $1.7 billion for their ICO, this huge amount of funds will be used to develop a blockchain platform aimed to decentralize aspects of digital communication using its own “gram” token.

According to U.S.-based news site Al-Monitor, President Hassan Rouhani, said: Having strong, secure and cheaply priced Iranian messaging applications that can solve people’s needs and problems will surely make everyone proud.” However, he added with reference to the blocking of Telegram, “The goal of creating and enhancing Iranian software and messaging apps should not be blocking access [to other apps], but [the goal] should be the elimination of monopolies.”

Hassan Firouzabadi, the secretary of Iran’s High Council for Cyberspace, said: “Telegram never [agreed] to have an office in Iran and refused to work with the private sector [in Iran] and it is an enemy of the private sector,”

However, not everyone in government is out for the complete ban of Telegram. Tayebeh Siavoshi, a Reformist member of parliament, told local media, “I asked the minister of communications about the rumors of the blocking of Telegram. He said, ‘It is possible, but I’m vehemently against blocking as the only solution.’”


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