CleverPlace: the future of e-commerce and online marketplace

CleverPlace is the worlds first e-commerce profit sharing and open source marketplace on the blockchain. It offers a new way for buyers to obtain cashback by giving a substantial percentage of their margin back in the form of CleverTokens (CLVR).

The idea blossomed from Nice, France and will firstly start on the French real-estate space with a vast amount of the teams experience beginning in this area.

The real-estate market is only the beginning for CleverPlace, the platform will be available in open source to allow an entrepreneur to develop into areas such as the automotive industry.

A version of the marketplace will be available for use in August 2018, the pre-sale will run August 14 through to September 10 with another sale from September 18 through to October 15 with a total of 210 million tokens available for grabs.

When a person buys an apartment worth £300,000 using CleverPlace, the buyer will receive cashback of £21,000 which will be in the form of CleverTokens.

One-Hundred percent of the tokens received by the platform would then be distributed to the community through a smart contract.

Irwin Favere, Co-founder, spoke to The Cryptograph, saying: “We want to totally change the real-estate business and by giving a good service and sharing that profit with everyone, this is how we should be doing business.

“We really hope to build a community that understands the way we are trying to change it, people are ready and want more transparency in all aspects of life, CleverPlace is doing that in the Real-estate space.”

CleverPlace wants to build a network of services that when you buy that apartment and receive your cashback you can receive work of any kind, furniture, kitchen, decoration, home insurance, etc. By sharing the e-commerce profits with all users within the marketplace this creates an incentive to participate in the marketplace.

CLVR tokens can also be kept, for future use in the community marketplace.

“For the first time, any marketplace in any vertical will be able to transparently display the buy and sell commercial-margin prices of each product,” said Irwin Favere, CleverPlace co-founder, and project manager. “When everyone knows the margin on the products and services they purchase, and the margin can be quite significant depending on the product and sector, we believe it will explode what could be a $70 billion per year market opportunity.”


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