Circle employ former Goldman Sachs Executive Benedicte Nolens

The Cryptocurrency exchange operator, Circle, has just employed a new team member, former Goldman Sachs executive to aid in navigating through the risky world of regulations as they expand across the Globe reports Business Insider

Benedicte Nolens joined the firm from Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission and has now been named Circle’s head of global regulatory affairs and head of compliance for Circle’s Europe and Asia branches.

Nolens was previously employed by Goldman Sachs as an executive director, working at the firm for more than a decade. She was also employed as a chief compliance officer for the Swiss bank, it would be safe to say she is a valuable asset for Circle.

Circle has recently opened a new operation in Hong Kong, as they speed up their plans to operate on a global scale with another office in Bejing. The platform has recorded $2 billion of global monthly trading volume as the operation has grown tremendously over the past year.

Chief Executive, Jeremy Allaire told Business Insider in an interview. “We want to make sure we can work with businesses that want to launch a tokenized security, and we want to support them by providing platforms where they can do that,” Allaire said. “We are making sure we have the products and the regulatory framework in place to support crypto-commodities but also these crypto-securities.”

Still, Nolens is hopeful and excited to work with regulators over the next 12 months, a period which she thinks will be more about figuring things out than the issuance of clear guidance.

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