CEO Of Groundbreaking Investment Firm Says: “Now Is The Time To Be Building Your Positions”

MARK Harrington, CEO of Linxus Management, believes that cryptocurrencies are in their infancy and that “now is the time to be building your positions”.

Linxus Management is an audited digital currency investment firm that is only open to accredited investors with a minimum of $100,000. Their CEO is extremely bullish on the market as a whole and was radiating optimism when speaking with The Cryptograph.

We aren’t in a bubble, but certain projects are inflated. The market cap will hit $1 trillion by the end of the year, and if ETFs and qualified custodian accounts are put in place, it will far exceed that. The lows keep getting higher. Buy on the pullbacks ,and most importantly never sell at a loss. This is the very beginning.”

Mark believes other institutions will move in quickly once the proper framework is in place, saying “The writing is on the wall, the infrastructure is being put in place”.

In response to skeptics, Mark Harrington believes that the internet failed to instill trust and that “identity will be the new money”. His enthusiasm stems from the notion that blockchain protocols will be the new infrastructure of the internet, and they will provide the security and trust that has been lacking thus far.

“Our identities will be tied to the internet, and you will know exactly who is who. Couple that with immutable ledgers and it becomes an extremely trustworthy underpinning for our current internet. This will instill trust and remove our reliance on third parties for services.”

Whereas most conservative investors fear regulatory crackdown, Harrington cited that “the US government has been cooperative and would like to promote innovation.”

Linxus Management is on the cutting edge of digital asset investing, and their confidence is reassuring to the common investor, as well as other large firms. We could experience a colossal bull run if this positive sentiment becomes widespread and smart money enters.

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