Binance Announces Polymath as its July Community Vote Winner

Binance has announced its July community vote winner as Polymath

Polymath hopes to bring tokenization to the security market, remolding traditional assets into a blockchain based digital asset. Polymath will be listed as a trading pair with BTC and BNB.

Poly currently trades on the Huobi, Upbit and Kucoin exchanges and is only listed as a pair with BTC and ETH, however, has seen a price decline since February.

Polymath allows the creation of security tokens which solves a real problem of making democratizing ownership of assets. However, still, an uncertain no mans land in the world of crypto.

“Shares in private equity and private companies are also highly illiquid and tough to sell. There are many manual processes that have to occur to sell these instruments, and if we can replace these with tokens that can be automated with built-in regulatory compliance checks, we can have these securities be more valuable than their relatively less liquid, legacy counterparts,” wrote the project team in the recent Reddit AMA.



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