a new crypto tv show will be released to over 47 million homes on CBS

A new Crypto TV Show will be coming to CBS and will be paid for in Bitcoin, 13 episodes will be aired in selected areas.

Topics will include crypto security, exchange trading, ICO’s, crypto crashes, mining and what the future still holds for cryptocurrency.

CBS is one of the largest broadcasters in the US, the episodes will also be shown on CW Network and Roku, the show will be available to over 47 million homes.

According to the announcement: “This will be the first time a cryptocurrency Youtuber has launched their own television series fully paid for by bitcoin. All promotional sponsors, features and the like are paid by bitcoin.”

Jason Appleton is the Youtuber bringing this new series to the screens of millions of homes, he is known as Crypto Crow and has a Youtube following of over 73,000.

Appleton’s videos are a mixture of ICO reviews and investment advice. The first season is scheduled to begin June 25 on the CBS New York WLNY network, serving approximately 7.3 million homes.

further details of the announcement state: “Each episode will feature educational information focused on helping newcomers to the crypto space such as researching, investing and how to stay secure in their efforts while featuring ICO and cryptocurrency companies and how they affect the industry.”

Crypto has been mentioned on many TV shows such as The Big Bang Theory and even hit TV show Billions with a mention of a ledger nano, as well as Mr Robot have made references to Bitcoin.

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