4 ICO’s To Look Out For In 2018

4 ICO’s That’ll Turn Heads In 2018

We all know cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are growing in popularity but what projects and initial coin offerings (ICO’s) are there to look forward to throughout 2018? Here’s a list of 4 to wet your appetite.

Props by YouNow

· Mobiles being used as the primary device for content distribution within online media

· Content creators and viewers rewarded with tokenization.

· Adds blockchain technology to video sharing and online content

Problem being solved – as online media increases in popularity over traditional (TV, radio, newspaper etc.) online content creators are left out of pocket as there are relatively few platforms that effectively and accurately finance creators.

YouTube has long been the king of video sharing but issues with demonetization, disputes from advertisers and general discontent within some of its biggest broadcasters/influencers shows that the timing of this ICO could be amazing. Pair that with a growing interest in blockchain, and influencers with millions of viewers promoting the platform Props could be set for a successful year.

Source: https://www.propsproject.com


· Rentberry is a decentralized long-term rental ecosystem that will use blockchain technology to make the rental process less costly and more convenient and secure.

· Rental market lacks innovation.

· Growing trend of rental market, huge potential customer base

Problem being solved – renting property is a costly experience with many hidden fees and the deposits that freeze up large amounts of cash for the tenants. Renteberry aims to remove any middlemen like estate agents, which lowers the cost for both landlord and tenant.

As a millennial and aspiring “young professional” renting a flat of my own is my next life goal and just in my circle of friends I hear first hand the issues faced by tenants. Revitalising the rental market could really capture young adults in my

demographic and give the opportunity for many to escape the grasps of overbearing parents.

Source: https://rentberry.cryptonomos.com/downloads/Rentberry_Whitepaper_English.pdf


· “Browse the world of patents with a powerful search tool that visually shows the true context of what you are looking for.

· Understand where your idea stands and how to pivot to uniquely fit in the current IP landscape.

· Claim immutable proof of ownership of your idea on the Ethereum based blockchain.

· Skip the expensive and risky patent process with a much quicker alternative to monetize on your idea.”

Problem being solved – getting IP patented is a hugely expensive procedure. Basic rule of thumb dictates that the more you spend on filling for a patent, the stronger your IP is safeguarded.

Reducing the cost of filing for a patent and the ease of which a patent can be filled could be amazing for start-ups and SME’s as large multinational organisations have massive advantages over smaller businesses in terms of financial resources. Loci can stimulate and support innovation, which in turn benefits economic growth.

Source: https://locipro.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/loci-full-whitepaper.pdf


· Upgrade sports betting industry by utilizing blockchain technology

· Removes the need to share personal or financial data with betting company (ID verification)

· Faster, safer and more transparent alternative

Problem being solved – FansUnite offer a fresh product and alternative as current competitors don’t use blockchain. FansUnite take 1% commission on bets, which is significantly lower than rivals. There is no need to worry about bank details if the platform is being hacked, as FansUnite doesn’t need that potentially harmful information.

Out of all the ICO’s mentioned this is one who’s service I would use. From personal experience betting apps are frustrating at the best of times, suspending cash out and taking forever to verify account ID.

Source: https://fansunite.io/whitepaper.pdf

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